Monday, November 26, 2012

Fort Myers Beach

We are secured to a mooring ball here in Fort Myers Beach at the Matanzas Pass mooring field.  I called ahead to see what was available and we were given a choice of 6 balls.  Cruising slowly through the field making out the numbers was a challenge because the current had them all facing the other way. 
I hate barnacles
We got one, and it wasn't quite as new as in Sarasota. 
A lot of green crud and barnacles.

We now just needed to register and pay at The Matanzas Inn.  I Googled in on my phone and it said it was 2.4 miles away.  Had to be a mistake, right? 

So we cruised around looking for something just a little closer.  Number 11 was occupied, and 40, and 44.  Number 42 had so many barnacles growing that we couldn't get the rope out of the water.  Back to 50 it was.

See the bridge? That's where the
showers are and where we pay.

 After a night with 1 TV channel and on and off wifi we went to explore out through Matanzas Pass to the beach we passed on the way in. 

I'm not sure if he was looking for a snack
or $2 for having his picture taken but
he ran up to me as soon as we landed
Nice view!  There goes a boat sailing south

A bike ride takes a little (lot) of work but was worth the effort.  The bikes even though they are folding, take up as much space in the dinghy as two people.  We rode down the beach on the sand for 3 or 4 miles then back along the road. 
I'm sure that folding them back up and putting them in their bags the right way the first time will get quicker but we gave a bar full of happy hour customers some entertainment as we did it yesterday.
For rent.  Floating party deck complete with
bar, grill, couches, palm trees, hammock
and a dog

We have plenty of traffic around the boat

Just a short ride away the docks are full of shrimp boats.  Where there are shrimp boats there must be shrimp!  Big fat ones that Brian sauteed in butter and garlic.  Delicious!

once the sun goes down it gets pretty quiet

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