Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hanging out in Georgetown

Wifi has been a bit of an issue since we've been here. We can get it on the boat sometimes, but usually not when we really want it. The laptop has also been having some problems. We took it into the local computer shop and thought we had it fixed but it seems it still will not connect to the Internet. So I'll try it with the IPad and Blogsy.


The time just seems to dissolve here. Hours turn into days and days turn into weeks. The water is always a million shades of gorgeous green and blue and the sun shines most of the time. What's not to love.

We usually start every day with our coffee listening to the weather. Then we listen to the cruisers net to see what's going on for the day. After a quick boat clean up (it's a small space and gets messy quickly) we decide what to do. If its calm enough we might head to town for outboard fuel, ice or groceries but if its rough it means wrapping everything in dry bags. Sometimes we just postpone the trip.

Bahamian kitties

The afternoons could be volleyball on the beach or a snorkel trip somewhere. The guys have not been having so much luck in hunting department these days. They're spot that was really good for lion fish earlier has been very quiet the last few times. I have gone along just to look, donned in my new (for me) wetsuit but have a floatation problem. Without weights it's absolutely impossible to get to the bottom. No matter how hard I kick, my chunky parts seem to stay on the surface. It was probably me that scared all the fish away.


Some afternoons I head out for a beach walk with the girls. The beach on the Atlantic side is really spectacular. Miles of sand and almost nobody on it. If we get hot, there are a couple of places where the water washes over a little reef creating a perfect infinity pool.











We don't eat out very much. Partly because its expensive, but mostly because the food is not great. The staple foods here are conch, chicken, ribs and burgers. A lot of times we get together with our buddy boats for appetizers or dinner. We hang out with a really creative group of chefs and have had some of the most amazing meals. One of the fan favorites are Brian's California rolls. He whipping up a batch as we speak and may brave the waves to Georgetown just to get a mango.


Yesterday Brian met a fellow cruiser Rick, who helped us out with some lighting problems. He sold us an LED bulb for our anchor light which means a huge difference in power consumption. Rob from Moonshadow offered to climb the mast to install it for us. Yay Rob! I'm sure I could have gone up the mast, but I'm not sure i would have known what to do when I got there. Rick also converted one of our fluorescent fixtures to LED. We can now turn on the light to look in the fridge instead of using a flashlight.

A view from up the mast of Volleyball Beach
Looking north



Looking south


Now, it looks like a good weather window to head south again. From here to Mayaguana, Turks & Caicos, then either Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico. We'll play it by ear and see what the weather does. We may be out of wifi range for a bit, but we'll post when we can.

Ahhhhh! It's trial and error on this Blogsy. Mostly error. Hopefully things will get better with practice.


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  1. So good to read this, and BTW great Blogsy post. So far i'm only able to post pictures to Blogsy that I've taken with my iPad. When you have a chance you'll have to let us know how you do it. I love reading your posts, you guys are true blue cruisers!!!


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