Thursday, February 7, 2013

Warderick Wells

We had an easy trip from Norman’s Cay and soon arrived in Warderick Wells.  We had to call ahead to reserve a mooring ball and got one at Emerald Rock.  The scenery here is spectacular! 

We had a nice mooring off the beach, and the north anchorage is in the middle of a natural channel bordered by sand bars.  The colour changes from white to deep blue were stunning.


Warderick Wells is inThe Exuma Land and Sea Park so there is no fishing allowed.  There are trails to walk and plenty of beaches.  No stores or restaurants, no garbage disposal.  They did offer wifi at $15 for 24 hours and we did try it but it couldn’t get anything from the boat.  It was only enough to check emails, not upload photos or check Facebook.

045Our first night we met on the beach for a full moon party with other cruisers.  A typical happy hour potluck affair.  We met new people and caught up with others we had seen at different places along the chain.  As it got dark a few guitars came out and we were visited by some Hutia.  I had never heard of them but they look like an overgrown hamster. They usually eat the vegetation but I guess this is supplemented with snacks from the cruisers.

The next day we climbed Boo Boo hill where visiting cruisers leave signs with their boat names on them.  Not being prepared for this until a few days before we improvised.058  We smuggled a piece of wood from Norman’s Cay and used a magnifying glass to burn our name into it.  This took a little time and a lot of patience because the boat was constantly moving.  It smelled like we had a campfire burning in the cockpit. I had visions of melting a hole in the cockpit cushions. 


Near the north anchorage is a coral garden with 2 floats to tie your dinghy while you snorkel.  There were huge grouper, giant lobster and tons of other fish. 
We also had a little beach time.  Pulling the dinghies up on the sand is not such a good idea when the tide is going out.  We had to drag them out a long way again before we could get the motor down or get in ourselves.


Kathy gave me her recipe and boat tips for making bread.  There’s no turning back now.  We don’t eat a lot of bread, but even a loaf of Wonderbread in the stores costs about $5.  How did I never do this before?  The possiblities are endless.  This one has onion, bacon and cheese dip mix baked on top.004  Good with soup, for sandwiches, or dunked in olive oil and seasonings.

On a sunny day it rises really well in the cockpit because it's just like a greenhouse and on a cooler day the engine room works well.

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