Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here we are!

We spent a few days in Jost Van Dyke at White Bay. Although it was a little bit rolly, it was pleasant. Instead of roosters to wake us, we had goats. It took me a bit, but I finally caught sight of this little guy running up and down the rocks. They have very good mountaineering skills.

We took the dinghy into Foxy's just because how can you not go there. It was pretty quiet but Foxy was there to greet us. He told us a little story and then as we had lunch we chatted about where we were going to head next.

In the BVI's there are boats. Lots of them, everywhere. While it is a really beautiful place I really think I prefer St John in the US Virgins and the Spanish Virgins. There's a little more peace and a lot more room.
So it came to us separately and then agreed together that we wanted to head in the other direction. I'm not going to say that it's turning around because that isn't the case. We missed so much on our race down here that we could still see. With a buddy boat waiting in St Thomas to travel with we chose to check out of the BVI's. It's always nice to have friends along to enjoy the ride.
We stayed a couple of nights in a wonderful anchorage in Culebra. When we arrived, we were the only boats there. The first time we had passed by Bahia De Almodovar there wasn't an empty spot. Today we watched the kite surfers racing around in the breeze. It almost made me want to try it myself. Ah, in another life maybe.

Sailing downwind is amazing. After all our bashing into the wind we have now had days of just sailing. No engine, just the whoosh of the waves rushing by.
The next day we found another equally peaceful place to drop the hook. Cayo Santiago, also known as Monkey Island. On the island is a monkey research centre. Although you are not allowed in the island I could watch the monkeys with my binoculars. Early the next morning I could hear them chattering away. It felt like waking up in the jungle.
Then after another wonderful (no engine) downwind sail we came to Cayo Puerca. Although the wind had been blowing steadily all day, once nestled between the mangroves we had very calm place to spend the night.
Nice view!
With the forecast of some weather moving in with strong winds and squalls we chose to move to a marina for a couple of days. This would also give us a chance to get some supplies, do some laundry, a couple of minor fixes, wash the boat and also catch up on our communications. So here we sit at The Ponce Yacht Club.
The fish seem to be winning this round. Brian did hook something substantial the other day. As he reeled it in the rod looked like it was about to snap. Brian wrestled with it for over half an hour before he asked me to get him some gloves just in case. I put the left one on him and in the fraction of an instant the line went slack while he put the right one was gone. He saw a flash of white and it disappeared along with half the steel leader and the last silver spoon.
There are some things things you just can't capture on a digital camera.
When the birds fly low over the water it turns their bellies blue green.
Failed attempt. I got the pelican just as he crash landed.
I can't seem to catch a shot of the flying fish either. When they take off, there will be hundreds of them no more than 6 inches long. The distance they can cover is amazing. It's probably the big fish we missed chasing them into their flight.
Fact of the day: Blue Moose in Spanish is Alce Azul

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