Monday, April 8, 2013

St John

Coast Guard security
Charlotte Amalie is great if what you’re looking for is shopping, but there is a lot of boat traffic and the constant diesel smell reminding us of the presence of cruise ships.T
The swell in the last few days got to be too much too.  A cup of coffee cannot be left unattended as we found many times.  If you let go you might end up wearing it.  We did find a nifty piece of gear that I wasn’t sure we would ever have use for.  It’s kind of like a skirt for your glass with a grippy bottom.  Even on the non-skid surface it stopped our glasses from sliding away and tipping over.  Thanks Kathie!
St John is a whole different experience.  There are sailboats zipping along in every direction.  With the almost constant winds here it’s just the perfect place to sail.
We found ourselves a great little spot in Maho Bay.  There are plenty of mooring balls at $25 a night and a beautiful beach so this is where we stayed for 3 days.  We don’t really go to a beach that often which probably sounds strange being where we are but this was a nice one so that’s what we did.  We took a cooler and our towels and parked ourselves under a tree to watch the world go by. 
bvi first day 046Brian started to chat with a couple beside us on the beach.  He told them what we were doing and how we had got here, which led to a tour of the boat.  This led to them inviting us for dinner in Cruz Bay which we gladly accepted.
bvi first day 045

Although the turtles were numerous they always seemed to escape my camera.  One of us would yell “turtle” and before we could grab the camera they had taken their second breathe and returned to the bottom.

a ray and it's tag along
How nice to just do, well nothing. Want to go for a snorkel? It’s as simple as just jumping off the boat.  The creatures we saw didn’t seem to mind our company because they just kept doing what they were doing and let us watch.
a starfish
a box fish
and another starfish


As the sun went down…listen.  All I hear are tree frogs.  Nice!

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