Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cricket the sailing kitty

It seems that a lot of you love Cricket as much as we do.

She seems to have developed her sea legs now. No longer confined to the forward head she's a cat aboard. Sometimes a cat on deck, but mostly a cat on the floor. Most recently she's a cat in the food locker. This seems to be her cubby of choice while we are underway. I found her here a few days ago. It was a little rolly while we were sailing and the cushion in front of one of the food lockers fell over. Cricket grabbed the opportunity and climbed in. Sleeping on top of cans of tomatoes and packages of noodles with her head on a box of Ziplock bags she seemed quite happy.



She makes regular trips to the food and water bowl. Looks up at us in the cockpit and meows "you guys OK up there?" And heads back for another little nap.

Once the passage is over she comes out for her after sailing treats and has....another little nap. She is a senior after all and needs her sleep. She has adapted very well.


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