Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Turks & Caicos

We figured we had about a 24 hour run, give or take to an anchorage in West Caicos so set our departure time for about noon. A nice sailing day, northwest into the sunset.

Although I'm not big on overnight passages, this was a beautiful night. A magnificent sunset, then a little later a spectacular moonrise. It's always nice to have the moon along when you're traveling at night. It was so bright it was almost like sailing during the day.

On occasion one of us would venture down below for a snack, some coffee or a bathroom break. Cricket could either hear us or see the light of the flashlight because we would hear "meow?" Meow!...Mom! Can I come out? It's not like we don't let her out, or feed her or anything. She gets her regular meal times and little breaks for some loving. This night she persisted so we let her out. We had to keep the baby gate (companionway screen) in to keep her down below. I don't think it would be fun to be looking for a chunky senior kitty doing the cat-paddle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean after dark. Or any time for that matter. For the rest of the night she picked somewhat comfy spots all over the boat. Sometimes just flat out on the floor, sometimes under the covers on the bed, but she seemed to be fine with the whole sailing thing now.


As the night wore on the winds dropped to the point that we needed to start the engine to give us a little boost but it was a good night. So good that our estimated arrival at West Caicos was much earlier than planned. As we got closer the anchorage looked just a little rolly so we made the decision to round the corner onto the west side where there were some mooring balls and an anchorage. On West Caicos I don't think there is anything. An abandoned marina and community.

All of this abandoned

We considered heading into the marina for the night but not knowing what was inside changed our mind. We opted instead to head for Provindenciales. 2 plus hours later we arrived at Sapodillo Bay. A nice place to get some rest. We didn't plan on going ashore. The Turks & Caicos charge $300 entrance fee and we were only staying a day or two.


Just in case you didn't know what to do with your extra millions, how about a helicopter for your boat?

We lay low for another day. A day of catching up. Next stop the Bahamas.


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