Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Down time

What a refreshing change it was to wake up after about 10 hours of much needed snooze time and feel....nothing. No swell. What did we hear? Nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. There was a dog barking somewhere in the distance on shore. Oh, and roosters. That, to me is a happy island sound even if they do start before dawn.

We sat in the cockpit enjoying our coffee and admiring the views of the town. Up on a hill what I first thought were rocks were actually cows. Well, I think they are cows because they started moving. I think they must be built with shorter legs on one side because those hills are really steep.

There are only 5 sailboats anchored here right now. It seems funny that 3 of them are Canadian. The only thing to interrupt the quiet is the occasional fishing or dive boat.

A walk through town looked like a good idea so we all headed to the town dock. As far as docks go here it looked like a very well maintained one. No broken boards and lots of space. Fat chance. This was the dock for the dive charters. The publics dock was a little 10x10 platform on shore and a couple of plastic pilings out in the water. Not to worry, we are inventive. We rafted the 3 dingies together, locked one to another and waded through the water to shore. I did this really fast because there was a biggish crab scrambling along the bottom and I have this thing about the things in the water biting my toes. Don't laugh!

La Parguera is a small fishing village. It was mostly deserted as we walked through a residential area. A couple of stores and restaurants, dogs sleeping in the shade and chickens running in the yards.

Bougainvillea everywhere


Ah ha! It was you who woke me up this morning.

We stopped at a local restaurant for a snack. Somebody was thinking because we were also able to get the password for their wifi. Although we used it while eating lunch we also took it back to the boats and have been using it ever since. What a great idea.

The grocery store had just about everything we needed. It was about the size of a convenience store at home, but had a small selection of fruits and veggies, milk, eggs, bread, and ice. Our stores of snack foods (crackers, tortilla chips etc.) are running low. The prices were quite reasonable especially compared to the Bahamas where $7 is not unusual for a jug of juice.

The loading of the groceries

We enjoyed happy hour, nachos, California rolls and good company aboard Banyan and made plans for our next adventures.

Today? We were thinking about a trip to the bioluminescent bay tonight. We could dingy there, but it's about 2 miles coming back in the dark. Or...they offer a trip for $6. Maybe for an extra buck or two they would pick us up from the boat. Hmmmm.



About Us

Brian, Sally and Cricket the cat sailing on our 41 foot Morgan Classic sailboat. In October 2011 we sold our house, quit our jobs and set out for Florida in search of a sailboat. We found her in Madeira Beach Florida. A 1987 41 foot Morgan Classic. Our plan is to sail for a couple of years. First to the Bahamas, after that...who knows.