Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Rainforest

If we were going to see anything on land what would it be?  A trip to the El Yunque Rainforest.
puerto rico 015

Our destination?  Up there in the clouds.
We brought along rain jackets, but we didn’t need them.  We had no rain, just plenty of shady spots under all the greenery.

way over in the distance is Blue Moose
and flowers
and wildlife
that's the peak
we almost made it

Friday and Saturday we had set aside for a Moose spa day and she needed it.  With fresh water at a relatively cheap 3 cents per gallon where in the Bahamas they were charging 40 cents with started the desalting process.003
We scrubbed the decks and cockpit cushions, waxed and then cleaned and polished the stainless.  The stainless is not my favourite job and it’s one of those things that never seems to end.  Armed with an old toothbrush I scrubbed and buffed. 
Cricket approves of a clean boat
Blue Moose now feels a little less shy in this marina full of big shiny boats.
Today……we’re off to Vieques.  The Spanish Virgin Islands.


  1. If only cats could talk... I'd love to read "crickets" version of the blog.. :-)

  2. Sounds like way too much work for me! But then Cricket's hard to please :-)


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