Saturday, March 30, 2013

On to Culebra

We spent only one night in Vieques and left the next morning for Culebra.  We had wind…in the right direction…and we could actually sail.  Yay!  Well at least for a little while.  That fast Banyan boat zipped all over the place and still beat us there powered only by sail.  No matter, they scouted out a nice place for the night on the west coast.
culebra spanish virgins 041the next morning we moved just a few miles and grabbed a free mooring ball so we could do some snorkeling.  The water was about 35 feet deep and so clear we could see right to the bottom.  We jumped in and headed for the reefs near shore.  Fish by the hundred and then, a turtle.  He was swimming lazily right underneath us.  We would swim closer and he would swim away, but then turn around and come back.  I’m sure he was just as curious about us as we were about him.  This was the one time I forgot the underwater camera.  I did go back to the boat to get it but by then he had moved on.
culebra spanish virgins 036
culebra spanish virgins 067After lunch Brian and I took the dinghy over to Luis Pena Island for a little more underwater sightseeing.  There was a beautiful beach and millions of small fish in the shallows.
culebra spanish virgins 060
Blue Moose and Banyan
culebra spanish virgins 081culebra spanish virgins 054
The next morning we were ready for a little land time do we set off for the big anchorage and the town of Culebra.  With it being the Easter long weekend we were prepared for the boat traffic and there was a lot of it.
this one was about 4 feet
First stop was the Dinghy Dock Bar & Grill.  A great place!  Good food, a place to tie up your dinghy, free wifi and several huge Tarpon cruising the dock looking for handouts.
A walk through town, dinner at Mamacita’s which was….mmm, just OK, then back to the boat.
A little civilization goes a long way.  Next stop Culebrita.  Just a few miles and promises of more great snorkeling.

culebra spanish virgins 022
Cricket's not taking any chances. 
She's wearing her PFD
Culebrita is a small island on the east coast of Culebra.  The only thing you will find is an old lighthouse, beautiful beaches and an underwater maze of coral to explore.
We hiked to the lighthouse and explored under the water.
a little underwater view

the old lighthouse
wild cacti
there in the distance is St Thomas
Hermit crab

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  1. Wonderful snorkel video! Just like the pool here last summer, right?!? Cricket's adventure is too funny, but I bet you lost a couple of beats seeing that water oozing out of the head into the cabin! We learned our lesson on leaving water pressure on all the time!


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