Friday, March 15, 2013

The Bio Bay and Gilligan's Island

We all decided that a tour of the bioluminescent bay was a must see. For $6 we would go in the Johnny boat. Even better, they would pick us up at our boat! So Alex, Dave, Roberta and Michael came for dinner on Blue Moose first. We had breaded Mutton Snapper, cauliflower au gratin, pound cake with rum, coconut, banana and chocolate and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Oh yum!

The bio tour was supposed to start at 7:30 so we started scanning the dock with binoculars. There didn't seem to be much happening there. Finally we spotted not one, but two boats approaching us. They pulled up alongside and we all piled in. We zigzagged in the dark through the mangroves to the secret bay and our boat stopped beside the other one. Then our captain stripped off his shirt and jumped into the water. As he swam between the boats we could see his hands glowing with bioluminescence. He then said we could jump in too. Dave and Michael and a few of the other passengers did and they actually glowed even more. But, you know...that dark water thing. Nah!

It was worth the price of admission but I was a little disappointed. We had seen a better display off the bows of our own boats while sailing at night.


How could we sail right past Gilligan's Island and not stop by? The real Gilligan's Island? We don't know but it was worth checking out.

This looks like a nice resort

Once anchored, we took off for a tour of the island. It took about 15 minutes. There were lots of picnic tables and bar-b-ques and people lounging in the shallows under umbrellas. There wasn't a whole lot to explore because the path ended very quickly.


Next we headed to the mainland to see what we could find. Fishing boats bobbing at the shore. A mama dog with a litter of sleeping puppies. A ferry dock and restaurant looking out over the island and barely a person in sight. It would have been perfect except it lacked one main menu item. Beer.



We continued up the road towards the resort hoping for a cool down. Here we found the Copa Marina Resort & Spa. It had beautiful grounds, a nice pool and most importantly a wonderful open air restaurant. The food took some time to get, but we're fine with that. A very pretty young waitress made sure we had everything we needed.

A somewhat lazy afternoon on our boats and then we dined aboard Celilo. roberta made Mahi Alfredo. Delicious! How many ways can you prepare fish? Lots. almost every day of the week. It's good for you, it's fresh and it's free. It sounds like all we do is eat, but we have really had some amazing galley creations. We can't be eating that much because we're both still much lighter than we were.

An early evening, hoist the dinghy onto the davits and get ready to leave at first light tomorrow. We are looking forward to a marina night with long showers, some land excursions and water to wash the Moose.


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