Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mayaguez, Boqueron and La Parguera

After clearing customs, we took a walk into town to activate our cell phones. Walking along a fairly busy road we came across several skinny horses. Some were tied up and others just walking free.

We soon came to an AT&T store and got cell service but not wifi. Just like being back in the US we now have unlimited calling within Puerto Rico and the US, and 250 minutes to Canada for another $10.

Time to eat. The closest place was McDonald's so that's where we went. I have been craving ice cream since Florida was satisfied with a Snickers McFlurry. Not real ice cream I know but it did the trick.

Once back at the boats we got ready to leave and get away from that ocean swell. We were in Boqueron in no time at all. It's a small town with a few restaurants, a marina and some beach cottages. There were a few boats anchored here. Some, cruisers like us and others which looked like they been there for a long time. There was a catamaran anchored behind us with long trails of growth hanging off it's hull and some kind of vegetation growing up around it's mast.

After a short walk around town we headed for Galloway's, a cruiser friendly restaurant and bar. The 6 of us were joined by another couple who had sailed from England. 21 days at sea does not sound like something I would enjoy. I'm quite happy with the little island hops that lie ahead of us now. We had dinner, a couple of drinks and shared stories. The restaurant is built right on the edge of the water so each time a big swell came in it almost swamped the floor of the restaurant. Another early night hoping for a good night's sleep.

We did a walk through town the next day. There were crowds of mostly locals walking through the assortment of street vendors who were selling oysters, fried tortillas, beer ans souvenirs. We came upon a little open air bar which looked inviting so stopped in for a little refreshment to cool us down. We had an amazing mohito garnished with a stick of sugar cane. Delicious! It was hard not to drink it all in one gulp.


A short stroll later we spotted a sign for 40 cent wings. Too good to pass up so in we went. Im pretty sure they had to go out and find the chickens because it took a long time but it was worth the wait. They were really good. We don't eat like this often, so when we do it's a treat.

A little bit of shopping later and we headed back to our boats hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep. Once back on the boat we found the cockpit full of sooty black ashes. We think it was coming from a fire burning up in the hills and blowing down on us. It sure made a mess of the boat.

As Brian and I watched a movie we thought the swell had settled down. Not so lucky. As I lay in bed I counted the number of waves. 11 big rocks in a row, then a break for about 30 seconds. Another looooong night.

Yesterday morning we made a group decision to head around to the south coast. It was only 18 miles and we could also find a grocery store there.

We had a nice leisurely sail with some pretty scenery. Brian, never one to pass up an opportunity got out his fishing rod. He did a couple of strategic tackle changes. Then, FISH ON!

After consulting our fish identification guides we're pretty sure this one is a Mutton Snapper. A big one too! We (OK Brian) has had some great luck with fish. We sure won't go hungry and Cricket likes a little of the fresh variety too.

We wound our way between the cayos and anchored just off the village of La Parguera. The water is beautiful and clear and flat. There are a few other boats anchored and a couple of fishing boats zipping about. This is more of what I expected it to be like in Puerto Rico.


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