Friday, December 14, 2012


You could spend forever people watching here.  They zip back and forth to the marina like so many bees to the hive.  We all wave to each other as we pass and sometimes we stop and talk.

The first one that caught my attention was Thor.  I don’t know his real name but as you can see in the pictures the name fits.  He has a viking ship tied to his sailboat complete with a serpent on the front.  Long blonde hair and beard, never wearing a shirt or shoes but always leather arm bands.


Thor's boat

all this and a dog too
The boats here in the harbour are also pretty interesting.  I wonder if some of them have grown to the bottom.  They have collections of all kinds of stuff covering their decks.  I guess when you don’t have a garage to store it that’s where it ends up.

does this look a little unstable?

I've always admired tugboats and I really like this one

Our old neighbours Donnie and Sande said to look for Captain Jack while we were here.  Brian and I wondered if there could be just one Captain Jack seeing as there are so many boats here.  We found him and paid him a visit today.
Captain Jack is 92 and still lives on his sailboat here in the marina.  He can’t see well enough to paint anymore but he showed us some pictures of his work.  He painted on sea beans, sand dollars and ivory.

this is the sea bean he keeps in his pocket
from his album
art on a sand dollar
Captain Jack checking out my pedicure. Today I had a sunset and palm trees.

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