Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On our way

We were off the mooring ball before 8 this morning and on our way to the fuel dock.  We topped up on diesel for the Moose, gas for the outboard and ice for the freezer.  We were very surprised how little diesel we have actually burned.  We filled up in Fort Myers, then to Marco Island, then our long night on the gulf.  That was about 135 nautical miles. Then there was 3 weeks of using the generator.  Only 15 gallons to fill. 
As well as filling up the tanks, we made a huge donation of blood to the local no-see-ums.  With not even a slight breeze they smelled fresh meat coming into the dock and attacked.  I think I would take mosquitos over no-see-ums any day.  I think we’ll be itchy for a few days.

Keys 2012 008
Cormorants standing by to give directions
Keys 2012 006
tidying lines
Keys 2012 009
Channel Five
It was a pretty uneventful trip.  The wind (or lack of it) was in the totally different direction than what was predicted so we motored the whole way dodging the kazillion crab pots.  Brian fished and had a few good hits but only came up with one little snake fish.  Did I mention it was hot?  So stinky hot we had to hose down on deck a couple of times.

So where are we now?  Well, we didn’t go too far today.  About 27 nautical miles.  We are anchored in Lower Matecumbe Bight.  We got here early, so Brian took advantage of the shallow water and donned his mask and fins and cleaned our rudder and prop.  It was getting a little furry from sitting in Boot Key Harbor.  I did a quick dunk off the back of the boat too, but I’m always a little worried about the unseen “things” that are watching me.

Keys 2012 012
sea monster?
There are 3 other boats anchored here in the bay.  Big, expensive power boats with lots of lights on.  Not a sailboat in sight though.  I wonder if that’s a sign that it’s a bit shallow for our 5 foot draft.  I guess we’ll find out because low tide is in 20 minutes.

and another spectacular sunset

Off to Key Largo tomorrow.

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  1. Cormorants and NOAA always lie!! Beware!! And I've also seen that particular sea monster; again, BEWARE!!! Other than that, have a great passage (and I'm sure you will)!! Everyone here at the marina are very jealous.


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