Friday, December 28, 2012

Cricket’s adventure on shore

Today was Cricket’s adventure to shore.  She needs a healthy pet check before they will let her into the Bahamas even though she will never leave the boat.
The day started with fairly calm seas so it looked like it was going to be a good day.  No need to traumatize her unless we had to.  After breakfast I put her harness on and dug out her carrier.  This is when she started to get a little suspicious.

Cricket's first dinghy ride
We loaded her into the dinghy and put a towel over the top.  I’m not sure if this was so she couldn’t see what was going on, or to muffle the howls coming from inside.  She really didn’t cry for long.  For anyone that knows her she has two voices.  Very LOUD and stealth.  This is what we refer to as her quiet voice. 

waiting for the taxi
While waiting for the taxi she just sat and looked around.  The same for the taxi ride.  We weren’t sure if pets were allowed inside the taxi but it didn’t matter because she was in super stealth mode.  She was very good at this before when we used to sneak her into hotel rooms.

Once at the vet clinic the waiting room was full.  A golden retriever, a lab, 2 Chihuahuas, a Shit Zhu, a poodle and 3 other cats. The girl with the Chihuahuas runs a rescue for them.  She has 18 right now as well as cats.  Some are blind, some are missing limbs  and some are just unwanted.  She does all this with no assistance.  The clinic helps her out with vet services.  Gisela trains the dogs in both English and Spanish in case she is able to adopt them out.

Gisela and her rescue dogs

The checkup went well.  Cricket wasn’t happy, especially about the thermometer thing.  Well, who would?  I had brought her last records, but had forgotten the previous one with her rabies shot so she had to have another.  Exam, shot and papers, $65.00.  We thought that was pretty good.  This was Coconut Grove Animal Clinic.  Very busy, but efficient and friendly.
It was a nice day so we walked back with Cricket’s carrier swinging between the two of us.
Tomorrow we are sharing happy hour with a couple we just met who are heading to the Bahamas too.  Hopefully our depart date will be Tuesday or Wednesday.

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  1. It looks like she's studying the workings of your dinghy for a possible future escape.


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