Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

It has been a couple of windy days waiting here for the cold front to pass but it looks like Wednesday is going to be the day.  We met some nice people  (Laura and Jason from Blue Blaze) who are going then too so we'll just tag along.
Yesterday we met up with them and went to the King Mango Strut parade in Coconut Grove, and then on to happy hour on their boat.  It was a soggy ride back to our boat because of the wind and waves.  It was also a bouncy night's sleep on Blue Moose.
By this morning the weather hadn't changed much so we waited...and waited.  I called the fuel dock to make sure they were open tomorrow because we needed to top up before we leave and of course they weren't.  We could either take the dinghy in and do it 2 jerry cans at a time or take the boat in.  Five trips in the dinghy wasn't an option so we untied and took the Moose over.  It was a race between us and a big fishing boat to see who would get into the dock first and thankfully we won.  Docking in 19 knots is not a lot of fun and we would rather do it when their isn't someone else to park beside.  We are now back on our ball safe and sound.
Being New Year's Eve everything including the marina is closing early.  We raced in and I got them to let me into the showers just as they were locking the doors.
Who designs these bathrooms anyway?  A 5 x 3 cubicle with one hook to hang your stuff.  The spray from the shower gets your towel and clothes and flip flops wet.  Yes, I know I could have left my backpack outside the stall but I wasn't going to leave my wallet and IPad out in the open.
Brian's back from Fresh Market (we paid $6 for 3 apples yesterday!) so we will head back to the boat, have dinner on the boat then watch the fireworks.
Sorry, no pictures, I only brought the IPad.
Happy New Year everyone!

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