Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clown bikes

by Brian

the bright green helps with being noticed
Today I get to write about something that makes me laugh.  The cruiser clown bike. Some say compact, I say small.  Way too small.  While riding to the store to get daily items like lots of beer and cat food and very heavy cat litter (note:  adopt your cat out before you sail unless you love it like we do)    
our great full sized bikes (Sally doesn't get a milk crate)
standard issue cruiser compact folding bike with
milk crate
I find myself pushing the recommended weight limits every trip and all the time never worried about the tires bursting.  However we have full size mountain bikes that fold up and fit into a bag that you can throw over one shoulder and place in the dinghy with very little trouble.  So why do people pick the smallest bikes they can find?  On many occasions we have them coming at us on the sidewalks. Most cruisers are older people and one can only believe they all spent time with Barnum and Bailey or Ringling brothers. They have skills I tell you.  Dogs in a front basket, beer in the back and in a lot of cases full size older men sitting on a seat that has been stretched two to three feet above the ten inch tire.  A backpack with thirty pounds of milk, pork chops and a bag of Werthers candies.  Some use milk crates as saddle bags others use cat litter pails.  Some even have trailers. One thing is for sure cruisers will haul!  Go to any dock at 7:15 am and watch the set up.  It reminds me of ants or bees.  The other thing that stands out is the amount of cruisers that have dogs.  So as a closing thought place yourself on a jacked up child sized bike that is over loaded and is being controlled by a dog.  One other thing, people here still drive and text and talk on phones while driving cars. It’s a wonder the ants all make it back in one piece. My rant for the day.  Brian 
notice the tire is smaller than the milk crate

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