Tuesday, January 8, 2013

and that’s the kind of day it’s been

We have been cooling our heels here now for another week. 
Brian spent Saturday removing the old heat exchanger 068and salvaging the mounting brackets to be used again.  Sunday night, as promised, CJ (thank you, thank you, thank you!) brought us our new heat exchanger and gaskets.  I think Brian would have installed it right then and there, but it was dark and we had company so he had to wait until morning.  Bright and early Monday morning he was at it, and I will admit there was very little swearing going on. 

the new one

Two  hours later we fired the engine and she was purring like a….well, like a Blue Moose.


For anyone who has been following us, you will know of our boat related issues.  Don’t for a moment think we bought a hunk of junk.  Our Morgan is solid and capable, and that is why we chose her.  She is comfortable to sail and also comfortable to live on which is really important to us because this is now our home.   We have room to entertain about 10 in the cockpit and can sleep 6, although 4 and a fat cat is better.  We believe that in her past history she was mostly well maintained.   But, it is the nature of a boat, or car or house for that matter to have systems wear out, break down and malfunction.  More so with a boat I think because of the harsh environment.  Salt is not friendly to anything.  Sit in a pair of soggy shorts for a couple of hours and you will know what I’m talking about.  So although we visit other boats and admire some of their features, we are always happy to come home to The Moose.
I have to give Brian a lot of credit.  He is no slouch when it comes to fixing.  He knows every system on this boat inside and out now.  There has not been one thing he has not repaired, replaced, oiled, lubed, wired, tweaked, washed, waxed… and the list goes on.  Before this adventure he had never worked on a diesel engine, a solar panel, a wind generator.  With general know how and a manual he has not been stumped by anything yet.
So for all of this effort he gets a reward.  A crown! imagesCASPM3HH Nope, he’s not royalty.  While having an appetizer of smoked fish spread and Tostitos (highly recommend!) the other day he broke a filling.

This was late on Friday and all the dentists had closed.  I did however get a call back from one Monday morning and we were able to get an appointment for today.  After a peek and an x-ray they informed us that they couldn’t fix it and it would need a crown and that would take about 2 weeks.

We can’t wait 2 weeks!  This being Miami there had to be a quickie dentist who could look after us.  After a few minutes in the waiting room on Google searching cosmetic dentists, the assistant came out with a name and phone number for us.  She said Dr. Javier might be able to help.  I called and explained our situation with the assistant listening.  When she discovered who I was talking to she asked for my cell phone.  She then had a good chit chat with the new receptionist in Spanish.  The only part I caught was “Happy New Year”.  So, Brian has an appointment for tomorrow morning.

This is the time when the commercial goes:
Ten days in the mooring field $230, heat exchanger $1296, porcelain crown $1500 (not sure how much exactly) living the dream, priceless!

Things are looking promising. There is another weather window approaching and we met another fun couple to travel with.

So as Lloyd Robertson used to say at the end of every CTV news broadcast “and that’s the kind of day it’s been”

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  1. We hear you!! Hans just got a crown too, and right now the Knotty Cat is on the hard getting a new bottom paint job. We love our boat too and I know what you mean when you say it feels good to go home!


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