Friday, January 25, 2013

Highbourne Cay

Brian & Dan snorkeling off the dinghy
over by the little island
Yesterday morning Brian and Dan went out to hunt.  We had great plans for lobster cakes or lobster alfredo.  Actually lobster or fish anything would have been good.  They saw lots of fish but didn’t manage to catch anything.

Meanwhile Kathy and I took a walk around the island.  Check out the link!   Everything here is so clean and well maintained.  I think this is one of those rich and famous getaway destinations.  There is a restaurant and bar up high overlooking the water.  We didn’t eat there (we were fixing the sail), but Kathy and Dan did the day before.  A glass of wine was $10 and a burger was $18.  Expensive, but you have to factor in the cost of everything being shipped in.  They said it was delicious!
There are roads here and everyone drives golf carts.  High up on a hill is a pavilion with views all the way around.  It was all set up with exercise equipment.  TRX straps, yoga mats, balls and ropes all in perfect condition.  I can only think a workout up here would be great.
Along the road there are several paths down to the beaches where the views are just amazing.  The marina has several gazebos with tables and grills, bathrooms and a book exchange.

can I keep this?

just for fun

There is also a little store that sells just about everything.  They had a fairly good selection of fresh fruit and veggies.  I did check out a few prices.  A bottle of Oceanspray cranberry juice was $10.95 and a jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce was $5.95.  I didn’t buy anything but I’m glad now that we brought as much as we did with us.
you have to love a beach all to yourselves
We spent the afternoon at a little beach with a cooler and snacks.  Another cruiser was snorkeling just off the beach and speared a couple of Lionfish and a small lobster.  He wasn’t sure what to do with the Lionfish so Brian told him how to clean it.  You have to be really careful with their spines because they are poisonous but once you cut them off with scissors they are supposed to be very good to eat.
If you don't eat them, kill them anyway
they are invasive

We started with about 6 boats here this morning and by the time the sun went down I counted 34, many of them Canadian.  I think they were all ducking in from the wind for the night.  It was a rolly night even where we were.  It’s not that it makes me seasick, maybe it was staring at the computer for too long last night, but we both felt just a little off balance. 
Today the guys are going hunting again.  If someone else got Lionfish then they will too.  Enough for all of us for dinner we hope.

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