Friday, January 18, 2013

Moving on again

Bimini Jan 2013 023
Majiks & Blue Moose at our slips

Today it was cool and cloudy so weBimini Jan 2013 001 went to see what North Bimini was like.  We walked to the ferry dock where $2.00 gets you across the channel between the two islands.  There isn’t much to see in North Bimini.  A few marinas, restaurants and shops but we did come across something interesting.

Bimini Jan 2013 019

The Dolphin House in Alice Town is worth the $2.00 tour.  Ashley Saunders is a local artist and historian.  He has built the house himself using recycled ceramic tiles, shells, bottles and coral.

Bimini Jan 2013 002

Bimini Jan 2013 008

Bimini Jan 2013 009

Bimini Jan 2013 014

Bimini Jan 2013 020
the ferry ride

The weather looks decent for the next few days so we are heading out in the morning.
We are heading to Nassau which means crossing the Great Bahamas Bank.  It’s more than a day trip so we’ll be anchoring in the middle tomorrow night.  That sounded kind of scary to me but it’s pretty common.  It’s very shallow out there, 10 to 20 feet average.


Hopefully by Tuesday we will be in the Exumas, that’s the string of little islands south east of Nassau and that’s where we plan to explore for a while.
We won’t have wifi for a few days so I’ll catch up then.

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