Friday, January 4, 2013

Waiting again

After discovering what could have been a huge disaster, Brian spent the evening and was able to do a temporary repair so we could get back to the mooring ball.
this was the Atlantic the morning we were
going to leave
It’s too bad because the conditions really were great for us to leave.  Looking out to the Atlantic it was smooth as glass.

we feel really small beside these guys
We slowly made our way back to Dinner Key checking the heat exchanger for leaks every few minutes.  Remember this name: JB Weld.  It held just fine.  There was a lot more traffic on our way back to the mooring field.  Big container ships that must have come in during the night.

We tracked down a Yanmar dealer in Miami and were assured they could get the part for us.  We were first given a price of $896 which considering we are talking boat parts seeming pretty reasonable.  We waited most of Tuesday for a call back, then Wednesday.  We finally called them back Wednesday afternoon and were told that they would call back in ten minutes.  An hour and a half later when we called the person we had talked to had gone for lunch.  By 4pm the price had changed to $2696 and a week delivery.  When we questioned where it had to ship from, we were told Tampa.  We called the dealer in Tampa (who we have dealt with before) and got a price of $1823.  However they would not ship to us.  I’m pretty sure a rental car would not cost $600, even the distance we would have to drive.  Problem solved, after a call to our friend CJ to wish him a Happy Birthday, he offered to pick up our part and bring it to us on Sunday.  Yay!

his name's "Ray"
So here we sit.  There has been some interesting marine life to see.  Look down from the boat and there are always tons of little fish and a few bigger ones.  Yesterday we saw a couple of turtles (just like in Finding Nemo) but I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough.  We also had a spotted ray swimming around the boat.  It’s like floating in an aquarium.
a manatee at the dinghy dock this morning

At least the weather is good and the sun is warm.  There isn’t much point in getting impatient (although we have…a lot) because it isn’t going to speed anything up.  
Crick doesn't mind napping while we wait
(Oh, sorry she doesn't mind napping any time)

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